CMS Proposes Cuts for Hospital-Owned Outpatient Services

Facebook’s BooksThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have proposed changes to Medicare payments that would significantly reduce payments to many physicians and hospital outpatient healthcare services. The changes in policy would also increase the wage index (the degree to which payments are adjusted based on regional average wages) for low-income hospitals, like those found in many rural areas, while decreasing the wage index for higher-income hospitals. The move is set to gradually reduce the payments to hospital-owned, off-campus clinics over the course of two years, which CMS predicts will save Medicare more than $800 million per year. Continue reading “CMS Proposes Cuts for Hospital-Owned Outpatient Services”

Pharmacy Chain Agrees to $269.2 Million Settlement

healthcare lawyer New YorkReuters reported that Walgreens has agreed to settle two civil fraud lawsuits and pay out $269.2 million over allegations that the Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmacy chain overbilled federal health care programs. Both settlements were filed under seal in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. Continue reading “Pharmacy Chain Agrees to $269.2 Million Settlement”

Hospitals Must List Prices for Medical Procedures

hospital practice lawyer Long IslandThe Trump administration recently announced that, in an act of transparency, hospitals must openly post online a database specifically detailing the exact cost for a specific medical procedure, effective January 1. NBC News reported that the idea is to let patients know what the final cost will be once they are admitted to a hospital. Continue reading “Hospitals Must List Prices for Medical Procedures”

Practice Facilitation and Primary Care Success

medical practice lawyer Long IslandWhen opening an independent medical practice, there are many new hurdles to conquer that medical professionals typically do not face when working in a hospital. Predictable challenges can include financing, staffing, equipment sourcing, and record keeping, to name a few. One factor that has become nearly essential over the past decade in private practices is the utilization of an individual Practice Facilitator (PF) or practice facilitation team. Continue reading “Practice Facilitation and Primary Care Success”

Restrictive Covenants in the Medical Industry

healthcare lawyer Long IslandRestrictive employment covenants are typically disfavored by law, as they can be burdensome to the employee and prohibit them from making a decent living after the termination of a former job. However, restrictive covenants in the medical industry are highly enforceable in some ways.

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Evaluating Your Medical Practice

evaluating your healthcare practiceHaving a medical practice evaluated by a professional is extremely important in order to avoid contentious issues in the future, especially when there are multiple stakeholders as part of the practice. With that being said, here are some important factors to take into consideration prior to having your medical practice valued: Continue reading “Evaluating Your Medical Practice”

Compliance Issues Can Hurt Your Medical Practice

medical practice complianceMake sure your medical practice is compliant with both state and federal regulations or you may be subject to fines and penalties, or worse. Here are a few tips to mitigate the risk of becoming non-compliant: Continue reading “Compliance Issues Can Hurt Your Medical Practice”

The Rights of a Terminally Ill Patient to End His or Her Own Life

Nassau County estate planning lawyerWhen doctors notify patients of a grave prognosis, they typically do their best to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible and lives out the rest of his or her days according to their wishes. Many of those who have suffered from a terminal illness for so long welcome death, and, sometimes, even wish to speed up the process with life-ending medication. This practice is controversial in that some view it as murder, or going against nature, while others believe it to be showing mercy by ending the patient’s suffering.

There are three broad categories related to end-of-life decisions, including euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, and the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment.
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Plan Now For Your Supplemental Security Income

Plan for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)If you are concerned about a disabled child’s income, there are government benefits that he or she may be able to receive with proper planning. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides income for food and shelter to aged, blind and disabled persons with little or no income. In New York State, a person is automatically eligible for SSI if he or she is eligible for Medicaid. Continue reading “Plan Now For Your Supplemental Security Income”

2017 Medicaid Program Recap

Medicaid is a means-test program that may provide benefits for Chronic Care Medicaid or Community Medicaid, among other things. Chronic Care Medicaid is care that is provided in a skilled nursing facility and Community Medicaid is care that is provided in an individual’s home by a home health aide.


Qualifying For Chronic Care Medicaid In 2017

An applicant may have up to $14,850.00 in resources.  A person may have retirement accounts, such as IRAs, so long as he or she is taking the minimum monthly distributions. A pre-paid burial account is considered an exempt asset.  A person may have a maximum of $14,850 in assets and an income of no more than $50.00 per month. Any additional income must be used towards his or her cost of care.
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