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The best way to protect yourself is to educate yourself about your rights and responsibilities in whatever your domain happens to be — business, family, civic circles, etc.

To Arbitrate or Litigate

Arbitration is almost always done pursuant to a consensual agreement between the parties. There are certain situations where the court will find that the agreement was not entered into voluntarily or the subject matter was not appropriate for arbitration. Read more.

When and Where to Litigate

Nearly all people at sometime in their life are confronted with a dispute or claim that may result in litigation. When confronted with a decision of how to resolve that claim or dispute, you should usually should act quickly and decisively in order to have a favorable resolution. Read more.

Selecting a Lawyer

Every person or entity selecting a lawyer has unique needs. Included in the requirements are all or most of the following. Read more.

What Every No-Fault Provider Should Know About Mallela

Mallela was a decision by the Court of Appeals in answer to a question certified by the Second Circuit Court (Whether … insurance carriers may withhold payment for medical services provided by fraudulently incorporated enterprises to which patients have assigned their claims. Read more.

What You Need to Start a Business

According to the Small Business Administration, 33 percent of businesses with employees fail within their first two years and a little more than half within four years. This is vastly different from the urban legend that 50 percent of businesses fail their first year, so you can be encouraged by that. However, it’s still cause for concern and demonstrates the importance of going into owning your own business fully prepared and  with your eyes wide open. Read more …

Things to Consider When Starting or Buying a Business

An economy such as the current one tends to leave many people unemployed. For many, this is seen as an opportunity to pursue a life-long dream of entrepreneurship — starting one’s own business, being the boss, building a legacy for your family, etc. Read more.

Starting a Not-For-Profit Business

Just because a business is not-for-profit does not mean it can’t make money and pay salaries, even to the owners. There are several implications to being a not-for-profit, the most obvious one being potential tax exempt status. But Not-For-Profit and Tax Exempt are different things. Read more.

Naming Your Business and Registering Your Name

If you think naming your business sounds simple and straightforward, think again. The advent of the Internet has simplified this process in some ways yet made it infinitely more complicated in others. With the help of a good attorney, you can set yourself up with a business name that will excel in both form and function. Here are some basic steps you can take to choosing a name for your business and then protecting it. Read more.

Building Your Business with Compliance in Mind

A new business has many considerations in order to maintain compliance with federal, state, county, and local tax laws and government regulations, plus any regulations that may govern their industries. One of the first things you’ll want to do, after reviewing all regulations applicable to your locale and industry, is to obtain any necessary licenses or permits. The level of regulatory compliance to which your company will be subject will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the type, size, form and location of your business. Read more.


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