Estate Planning, Administration & Litigation

Nassau County, Long Island Estate Planning Attorneys

Wills and Trusts

The attorneys at Blodnick, Fazio & Clark handle all aspects of estate planning, including assisting clients with creating wills and trusts. The firm’s attorneys understand that creating a will or trust can be complex or simple, depending on your assets, family structure, and other various factors. The firm is dedicated to providing its clients with superior legal guidance and representation in creating wills and trusts that will allow you to provide for your loved ones after your death.  Without a will, your property will be distributed by intestacy, which means that the state’s laws concerning distribution will govern who receives your property.  Therefore, it is extremely important to plan ahead and construct a will that reflects your wishes.

The firm can also help in creating trusts that can be can either be carried out during your lifetime or after death.  The inter vivos trust allows you to avoid probate, maintain certain tax benefits, and have the benefit of being able to watch your loved one enjoy the trust while you are still alive.  A testamentary trust is specified in a will and is occasioned on the death of the testator.  The firm can provide assistance in both constructing a trust and deciding which type of construction is best for you and your family.

Probate and Estate Administration

The firm of Blodnick, Fazio & Clark is skilled in handling matters relating to the probate of wills and administering estates. Probate refers to the process of distributing a person’s estate after their death. If a will is contested, the matter may be litigated in surrogate’s court.  The attorneys at the firm handle estate litigation from the beginning to the end.  The attorneys at the firm understand that such events occur at an emotionally charged time while you are still grieving for your loved one.  The firm is dedicated to dealing with such matters with compassion and sensitivity while representing their clients’ best interests.

Powers of Attorney and Guardianships

The attorneys at Blodnick, Fazio & Clark help clients who are planning for incapacity by establishing Powers of Attorney to carry out their financial, medical, and end of life decisions.  A Power of Attorney is a legal relationship that can be set up so that it is enacted immediately, or upon the event of incapacitation.

If your loved one is already incapacitated and did not appoint a Power of Attorney, the court may appoint a guardian or conservator to carry out the affairs.  While a court will usually appoint a spouse or other close family member, it may also look to evidence concerning what is in the incapacitated person’s wishes and best interests.

It is very important to appoint a Power of Attorney to avoid decisions being made for you that may have results you did not intend.  The attorneys at Blodnick, Fazio & Clark can assist you with creating a plan for incapacity that can ensure that your affairs are in order and your wishes are carried out when you are no longer able to do so.

If you are in the process of estate planning, an experienced attorney can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to help you make informed decisions that will affect both you and your loved ones. From the simple to complex, the attorneys at Blodnick, Fazio & Clark are skilled in all aspects of estate planning and are dedicated to representing its clients with diligence and compassion during this emotional time. With an office conveniently located in Garden City, Long Island, the firm is dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation at reasonable prices.  Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.