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Many business owners go into business for themselves without having had the opportunity to receive a formal education in business and marketing. If you fall into that category, you’re in the majority. If you own a business in New York, there are many free courses available to you. Some are offered online, while others are offered in person. These can help make up for not having had a formal business education.

To help give you an opportunity to make up for not having an MBA, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of free online classes.As always, taking a few classes does not substitute the services a competent business litigation attorney can provide.

The following organizations offer free online business courses for small business owners:

Small Business Administration
Available courses are identified by topic. In general, the courses are all self-paced and should take about 30 minutes to complete. Most of the courses require a brief online registration. Read more.

IRS Videos for Small Businesses
In an effort to empower small businesses to escape its clutches, the Internal Revenue Service has put together a Small Business/Self-Employed Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop and a series of small business video and audio presentations. Spielberg thrillers they are not, but they beat debtors’ prison. Read more.

My Own Business
My Own Business, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to helping people succeed in business. Their free online course, which only requires a short registration, is presented by successful business owners who point out the common, avoidable mistakes. It includes written materials, videos, and sound bytes. It covers 16 of the most important topics to small business owners. Read more.


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