Garrett Motion Sues Former Parent Company Over Asbestos Liability

Garrett Motion, a former subsidiary of Honeywell International, Ltd., is suing Honeywell over an indemnification agreement it signed prior to being spun off from Honeywell. The indemnification agreement requires Garrett to indemnify Honeywell against costs and liabilities related to car brakes Honeywell once manufactured that contained asbestos. Garrett claims the agreement is unlawful and has decided to sue after nearly a year of unsuccessful negotiations with Honeywell. Continue reading “Garrett Motion Sues Former Parent Company Over Asbestos Liability”

Avoiding a Conflict of Interest

As a company grows larger, it acquires more assets, more employees, and a larger share of the market. However, that same increase in size also brings with it many additional complications, especially when it comes to the people who run the company. With many directors, officers and executives holding investments in other companies, or even positions in other companies, it’s very easy to wind up with a conflict of interest. Continue reading “Avoiding a Conflict of Interest”

Mediation as a Tool for Businesses

alternative dispute resolutionAlternative dispute resolution is an all-too-often overlooked tool for businesses, and mediation in particular often gets short shrift. Mediation offers many potential advantages to business owners seeking to resolve their disputes, either with other businesses or with their own employees. It can be worth considering the next time you find yourself in a legal or financial dispute as a business owner. Continue reading “Mediation as a Tool for Businesses”

Four Ways to Resolve a Breach of Contract

breach of contractBusinesses can live and die based on their reputations for abiding by their contracts. Nevertheless, there are constantly situations where businesses accuse one another of a breach of contract, whether due to negligence, malfeasance, or a simple misunderstanding. When that happens, there are a few possible ways to resolve the dispute. Continue reading “Four Ways to Resolve a Breach of Contract”

Four Problems That Can Arise from a Merger

business mergerA business merger can be an exceptional opportunity for any company looking to expand its market presence and its profits. And while it is true that a merger can offer many benefits, it can also come with many potential problems for the unwary. Here are just a few potential problems to watch out for when it comes to mergers. Continue reading “Four Problems That Can Arise from a Merger”

Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Faces Regulatory Scrutiny

Facebook CryptocurrencyFacebook intended to launch a new cryptocurrency, known as Libra, but it has faced increased scrutiny from regulators, both in the United States and abroad. Libra would supposedly have permitted financial transactions to be done worldwide, without relying on Wall Street banks or other financial institutions. Although Facebook had initially managed to secure the partnership of major companies like Mastercard, Visa, eBay and PayPal, most of these partners have since dropped their support. As a result, Libra appears to be in serious trouble, and it is unclear whether it will ever launch at all. Continue reading “Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Faces Regulatory Scrutiny”

Employers No Longer Required to Allow Union Organizers in Public Spaces

Union OrganizersThe National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently ruled that employers no longer needed to permit union organizers in “public spaces” on their own property. As noted in an article in the National Law Review, this overturns 38 years of NLRB precedent, which previously required employers to allow union organizers to advocate in certain areas of the employer’s property that were open to the public. Continue reading “Employers No Longer Required to Allow Union Organizers in Public Spaces”

What is a Choice-of-Law Clause?

business across state lines Doing business across state (or even national) lines used to be relatively uncommon, but now these kinds of far-flung business transactions are an everyday occurrence. While this opens up plenty of opportunities for businesses seeking new markets and greater profits, it also brings inevitable legal complications as trade jumps across jurisdictions and brings laws from distant lands into conflict. For these sorts of disputes, there is a relatively simple workaround, however, known as the choice-of-law clause. Continue reading “What is a Choice-of-Law Clause?”

LGBTQ Discrimination Cases Go to Supreme Court

LGBTQ FlagThe Supreme Court recently heard arguments on cases related to discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people in the workplace. These cases, including Bostock v. Clayton County and R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. EEOC, alleging employees were discriminated against because they were discovered to be gay and transgender, respectively. In both cases, the question is not whether they were discriminated against, but instead, whether that discrimination violated the law. Continue reading “LGBTQ Discrimination Cases Go to Supreme Court”

Four Things You Need to Know as a Shareholder

ShareholderIf you’re a shareholder in a corporation, you have certain rights, and not just the right to receive a dividend or sell off your stock for money. Shareholders are, after all, essentially the owners of a corporation, and as an owner (or, at least, a part-owner), you’re entitled to have a say in how your company operates. However, not all these rights are obvious and may require you to do a little extra legwork to enforce them. Continue reading “Four Things You Need to Know as a Shareholder”