Adding a Gifting Rider to a Comprehensive Power of Attorney May Assist During Catastrophic Events

power of attorney lawyer Garden CityIn New York State, a gifting rider grants an agent the power to gift assets and resources. In addition, an agent may utilize the gifting rider to transfer assets out of the principal’s name for Medicaid purposes. For this reason, incorporating a gifting rider into a comprehensive power of attorney may be essential to managing and protecting assets in the event the principal becomes incapacitated. In addition, without a gifting rider, an agent is limited in their power. Continue reading “Adding a Gifting Rider to a Comprehensive Power of Attorney May Assist During Catastrophic Events”

Benefits of Establishing a Comprehensive Power of Attorney

estate planning lawyer Garden CityA power of attorney is an advance directive that is designed to designate an agent to make financial decisions on a person’s behalf in the event he or she becomes incapacitated. There are a number of benefits to developing a comprehensive power of attorney.

Establish Who Will Make Decisions on Your Behalf

In the event that a person becomes incapacitated and can no longer make decisions, a designated agent that you trust will now be able to act on your behalf to make important financial decisions. If a person does not have a comprehensive power of attorney, a guardianship proceeding may need to be commenced. Continue reading “Benefits of Establishing a Comprehensive Power of Attorney”

Executors Play an Important Role

estate planning lawyer Garden CityAn executor of an estate is the person named to act on behalf of the decedent. An executor has a fiduciary duty to ensure that the decedent’s wishes for the disposition of his or her property and assets are carried out accordingly. In addition, the executor is responsible for the administrative process of an estate, including paying taxes and creditors. Furthermore, an executor is not required to have prior experience or knowledge in the field. Continue reading “Executors Play an Important Role”

Disinheriting A Spouse In A Will Or Estate Plan In New York State

disinheriting a spouse NYOrdinarily, in New York State, a decedent is unable to disinherit his or her spouse. According to Section 5-1.1-A , Right of Election by a Surviving Spouse of the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law, a surviving spouse is required to receive a share of the decedent’s estate. It states that the share will be equal to the greater of $50,000 or one-third of the decedent’s estate. Continue reading “Disinheriting A Spouse In A Will Or Estate Plan In New York State”

Deducting Long-Term Care Costs On Income Tax Return

Long-term care includes the ongoing medical and social services that address the needs of those living with a chronic illness, disability or lack of mental capacity, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Long-term care involves assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing or eating. It may also include assistance with daily living activities, such as house cleaning and transportation. Continue reading “Deducting Long-Term Care Costs On Income Tax Return”

Will a Divorce Affect My Last Will and Testament?

New York divorce lawyerAfter an individual executes a Last Will and Testament, there may be changes in their life that could affect the way their assets are distributed under their last will and testament. One of the more common changes that may affect a Will is a divorce. A divorce can be an overwhelming experience, and often times, people do not think about the important estate planning implications that a divorce may have. Continue reading “Will a Divorce Affect My Last Will and Testament?”

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Owning a successful business takes years of hard work and dedication. But failing to establish an estate plan that accounts for your business, could place your business in jeopardy upon death. While many individuals shy away from estate planning because of the chilling thought of death, assuring your business remains viable upon death could mean the difference in providing for your family, employees, and loved ones in the long run. Proper estate planning can take into account various aspects of business ownership and help ensure that your business continues to operate as you see fit. Continue reading “Estate Planning for Business Owners”

Protecting Loved Ones Against Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is a form of exploitation against seniors and older persons that may include, but is not limited to, taking money, property or assets. Older adults who suffer from physical or mental disabilities, such as dementia, or experience feelings of isolation, loneliness or loss may be more susceptible to elder financial abuse. Continue reading “Protecting Loved Ones Against Elder Financial Abuse”

How the Establishment of a Power of Attorney Can Benefit Loved Ones

With baby boomers entering retirement age, more adult children are undertaking the role of caregiver to meet their loved ones’ needs. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, as many as 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the last 12 months. Caregivers are often called upon to assist with a loved one’s estate plan to ensure that his or her wishes for assets and health are met. An important aspect of estate planning is power of attorney, a document that authorizes someone to make and implement financial and other important decisions.
Continue reading “How the Establishment of a Power of Attorney Can Benefit Loved Ones”

Estate Planning Considerations for Military Personnel

As members of the armed forces, military servicemen and servicewomen put their lives on the line every day to protect the lives and freedom of the American people. A person’s estate encompasses everything from a home, cars, jewelry and other tangible possessions to savings and checking accounts, retirement funds, insurance policies, small business and survivor benefits. It is important for our fighting men and women to establish a plan to protect their loved ones from financial hardships, reduce taxes, assign children’s guardianships and allow assets to be passed to beneficiaries quickly and without emotional stress or conflict.

Continue reading “Estate Planning Considerations for Military Personnel”

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