Executor’s Compensation Can Be Previously Decided Upon

Long Island estate planning lawyerAn executor of an estate is the person named to act on behalf of the decedent.  An executor has a fiduciary duty to ensure that the decedent’s wishes for the disposition of property and assets are carried out accordingly. In addition, the executor is responsible for the administrative process of an estate, including paying taxes and creditors. He or she must perform the following duties and responsibilities, among others: Continue reading “Executor’s Compensation Can Be Previously Decided Upon”

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Owning a successful business takes years of hard work and dedication. But failing to establish an estate plan that accounts for your business, could place your business in jeopardy upon death. While many individuals shy away from estate planning because of the chilling thought of death, assuring your business remains viable upon death could mean the difference in providing for your family, employees, and loved ones in the long run. Proper estate planning can take into account various aspects of business ownership and help ensure that your business continues to operate as you see fit. Continue reading “Estate Planning for Business Owners”

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