Postmates Loses in Federal Court, Stuck with Hundreds of Arbitrations

Postmates is learning the hard way that mandatory arbitration clauses go both ways, as an Illinois court has ruled against its attempt to consolidate hundreds of arbitrations into a single proceeding. As a result, the food delivery company is facing millions of dollars in arbitration fees as it is forced to defend each individual arbitration. The ruling concurs with similar rulings made against Postmates in California, where it was also ruled that it cannot consolidate these arbitrations, no matter how costly to itself. Continue reading “Postmates Loses in Federal Court, Stuck with Hundreds of Arbitrations”

FTC Calls Use of Bots in Advertising a “Deceptive Practice”

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has sent a report to Congress on the use of social media bots in online advertising. Based on their observations, the FTC says that the use of these bots may constitute a “deceptive practice” under certain circumstances. This means that any person or company that uses bots for illicit purposes may be opening themselves to legal liability at some point. Continue reading “FTC Calls Use of Bots in Advertising a “Deceptive Practice””

Cryptocurrency Transactions Not Protected by 4th Amendment

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has ruled that cryptocurrency transactions fall under the third-party exception to the Fourth Amendment. This means that cryptocurrency transactions can be monitored without a warrant, and law enforcement can seek information on cryptocurrency exchanges without consulting people who trade on those exchanges. This ruling will likely have a chilling effect on cryptocurrencies everywhere, as one of the central appeals of cryptocurrency is the supposed anonymity it affords. Continue reading “Cryptocurrency Transactions Not Protected by 4th Amendment”

Capital One Ordered to Release Forensic Report on Data Breach

A United States Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia has ordered Capital One, the national bank, to release its forensic report on a data breach that occurred in 2019. The data breach affected about 100 million Capital One customers, and exposed sensitive financial data including Social Security numbers and information about credit card transactions. The decision may have a significant impact on many companies who wrestle with protecting the sensitive data of their customers. Continue reading “Capital One Ordered to Release Forensic Report on Data Breach”

The Complications of Corporate Dissolution

A corporation is meant to absorb the financial and legal liability its owners might otherwise accrue in the course of running their business. However, a corporation’s effectiveness is not limitless, and there may come a time when it becomes necessary to bring the corporation’s business to a close. When that happens, you will need to undertake a corporation dissolution, which can be a more complicated process than it first appears. Continue reading “The Complications of Corporate Dissolution”

Will Business Interruption Insurance Cover COVID Interruptions?

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in businesses across the country being closed or forced to operation on a limited basis. Many businesses have business interruption insurance, insurance policies intended to cover instances where they cannot operate their business. The question these business owners have is this: will their business interruption insurance cover COVID-related closures and disruptions, or are they going to be left to handle the repercussions of the pandemic themselves? Continue reading “Will Business Interruption Insurance Cover COVID Interruptions?”

Five Issues to Consider When Writing Your Will

One of the most essential aspects of planning your estate is writing your will. However, most people do not have a good idea of what they might need to consider before they begin writing. Here are five major issues you should think about when you are writing your will: Continue reading “Five Issues to Consider When Writing Your Will”

Landlords Prepare for End of Eviction Moratorium

In March, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo instituted a moratorium on evictions throughout the state, preventing landlords from evicting tenants from their homes during the coronavirus crisis. The moratorium was originally slated to end in June but has since been extended to August 20. However, that does not mean landlords cannot get a head start, and the courts are already accepting applications to commence evictions once the moratorium lapses. Continue reading “Landlords Prepare for End of Eviction Moratorium”

Lab Executive Charged with Fraud in COVID and Allergy Testing

The president of Arrayit, a publicly traded medical testing company, has been charged with securities fraud and conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud after it was revealed he had directed the company to submit false claims for allergy and COVID-19 tests. These charges include the company allegedly paying kickbacks to doctors who participated in the scheme. The charges are the first in the country against a medical company accused of exploiting the coronavirus crisis for their personal gain. Continue reading “Lab Executive Charged with Fraud in COVID and Allergy Testing”

Facing Bankruptcy, Hertz Paid Executives $16 Million in Bonuses

Hertz, the major rental car company, has struggled to stay afloat since the arrival of the coronavirus. Its business model is heavily reliant on tourism, and with most people staying at home, their revenues have plummeted. However, these financial difficulties did not stop the company from paying its executives $16 million in bonuses right before filing for bankruptcy, a move that has received criticism from employees and shareholders alike. Continue reading “Facing Bankruptcy, Hertz Paid Executives $16 Million in Bonuses”