Cuomo Proposes Commercial Eviction Moratorium Extension

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a measure that extended the state’s moratorium on commercial evictions through to January 31, 2021. The governor has also publicly proposed extending the eviction moratorium until May 1, similar to an extension that was recently passed for residential evictions. The commercial eviction moratorium is seen by many as a stop-gap measure that fails to address the larger economic concerns felt by many small businesses throughout New York State. Continue reading “Cuomo Proposes Commercial Eviction Moratorium Extension”

Landlords Prepare for End of Eviction Moratorium

In March, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo instituted a moratorium on evictions throughout the state, preventing landlords from evicting tenants from their homes during the coronavirus crisis. The moratorium was originally slated to end in June but has since been extended to August 20. However, that does not mean landlords cannot get a head start, and the courts are already accepting applications to commence evictions once the moratorium lapses. Continue reading “Landlords Prepare for End of Eviction Moratorium”

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