Hospitals Must List Prices for Medical Procedures

hospital practice lawyer Long IslandThe Trump administration recently announced that, in an act of transparency, hospitals must openly post online a database specifically detailing the exact cost for a specific medical procedure, effective January 1. NBC News reported that the idea is to let patients know what the final cost will be once they are admitted to a hospital. Continue reading “Hospitals Must List Prices for Medical Procedures”

When Can I Use an Electronic Signature?

business lawyer Nassau CountyWith the advancement of technology, more individuals are abandoning the pen and paper in exchange for electronic documents.  When entering into any type of electronic agreement, it is important to know whether an electronic signature is valid and whether it can be enforced. Continue reading “When Can I Use an Electronic Signature?”

Asset Protection for Landlords

If you have nothing, then you have nothing to lose. Landlords, on the other hand, have a lot to lose. Run of the mill asset protection planning doesn’t cut it for landlords. In my experience, generic asset planning falls short either in the way it constricts a successful real estate operation or in the way it doesn’t fully protect. The risks landlords face are different than other individuals and the business of being a landlord is different than other businesses. So what kind of risks are we talking about? And how do we protect against those risks? Continue reading “Asset Protection for Landlords”

How the Flu Season Affects Your Business

business compliance lawyer NYCFlu season is here and with it comes a wave of employee sick leaves that may ultimately affect your business. According to The New York Times, last flu season was the worst in nearly a decade, more severe than any flu outbreak since the swine flu in 2009. As many as 28,000 New Yorkers were hospitalized for flu-related symptoms. It is important that employers in New York City are aware of the laws applicable to employee paid sick leave. Continue reading “How the Flu Season Affects Your Business”

Laws Protecting Pregnant Employees in New York

workplace discrimination defense lawyer Long IslandAlthough gaining more media recognition, pregnancy discrimination remains a prominent issue in today’s workplace environment. Both federal and New York State laws extend protections to pregnant employees. Continue reading “Laws Protecting Pregnant Employees in New York”

Employer-Sponsored Insurance Costs Continue to Rise in New York

One of the biggest benefits a business can offer its staff is an employer-sponsored insurance plan. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, employer-sponsored health insurance plans benefit as many as 152 million people in the U.S. Unfortunately, many New York businesses and  workers are facing the harsh reality of rising insurance costs, which are far outpacing that of employees’ wages. Continue reading “Employer-Sponsored Insurance Costs Continue to Rise in New York”

Few Businesses Took Advantage of NYS Tax Loophole

Back in April, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced a program for workers in the state that would act as an end-around to President Trump’s $10,000 State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap by deferring payments that exceed the cap. Eight months later, the program has become a flop as very few businesses in New York State took the governor up on his offer. Continue reading “Few Businesses Took Advantage of NYS Tax Loophole”

What to Consider in a Non-Disclosure Agreement

non-disclosure agreement lawyer Long IslandNo matter what type of business one may have, protecting the business’ confidential information is crucial. Whether it be during the initial startup, bringing in investors, or in conducting other commercial matters, there are many ways a business’ confidential information can be exposed. One way to limit the release of confidential information is through the use of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). A good practice for any business is to have each individual sign a non-disclosure agreement before speaking about a possible business relationship.  Such an agreement will help prevent them from disclosing or using your information while also allowing you to speak openly with them. Continue reading “What to Consider in a Non-Disclosure Agreement”

Reduce Business Liability at the Holiday Party

business lawyer Long IslandThe holiday season is upon us and many businesses choose this time of year to celebrate workplace achievements and express gratitude to employees for their contributions. Although holiday parties are customary to some businesses, others are choosing to forgo these festive traditions in fear of legal liabilities stemming from alcohol use, injuries, and harassment. For businesses that choose to have a holiday party, it is important to take measures to minimize risk and promote safety. Continue reading “Reduce Business Liability at the Holiday Party”

Landlord & Investor Q&A Presented by Attorney Jim Clark for October 2018

In this segment Jim Clark answers the most popular questions that come up through his interactions with landlords and real estate investors through his presentations to local organizations, networking, one on one conversations as well as direct posting through his website and social media. Continue reading “Landlord & Investor Q&A Presented by Attorney Jim Clark for October 2018”