Plan Now For Your Supplemental Security Income

Plan for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)If you are concerned about a disabled child’s income, there are government benefits that he or she may be able to receive with proper planning. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides income for food and shelter to aged, blind and disabled persons with little or no income. In New York State, a person is automatically eligible for SSI if he or she is eligible for Medicaid. Continue reading “Plan Now For Your Supplemental Security Income”

Selecting A Trustee For A Special Needs Trust

special needs trust lawyer Long IslandA Special Needs Trust (SNT) preserves the assets of a person with special needs to support his or her lifestyle. An SNT allows the person to receive supplemental resources without jeopardizing his or her public benefits. Public benefits include Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits. An SNT is usually created by a parent or loved one for a child with special needs. Oftentimes, parents may find it difficult to select a trustee for the SNT that he or she is funding. A trustee is responsible for overseeing administrative decisions, including any distributions. Continue reading “Selecting A Trustee For A Special Needs Trust”

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