Four Ways to Resolve a Breach of Contract

breach of contractBusinesses can live and die based on their reputations for abiding by their contracts. Nevertheless, there are constantly situations where businesses accuse one another of a breach of contract, whether due to negligence, malfeasance, or a simple misunderstanding. When that happens, there are a few possible ways to resolve the dispute. Continue reading “Four Ways to Resolve a Breach of Contract”

Asset Protection for Landlords

If you have nothing, then you have nothing to lose. Landlords, on the other hand, have a lot to lose. Run of the mill asset protection planning doesn’t cut it for landlords. In my experience, generic asset planning falls short either in the way it constricts a successful real estate operation or in the way it doesn’t fully protect. The risks landlords face are different than other individuals and the business of being a landlord is different than other businesses. So what kind of risks are we talking about? And how do we protect against those risks? Continue reading “Asset Protection for Landlords”

New York City Sues Verizon in Contract Dispute

Long Island business contract lawyerNew York City’s continued wait for access to Verizon’s FiOS service has resulted in a lawsuit. Verizon promised the city in a 2008 contract to provide access to its fiber-optic FiOS service to all New York City residents by the year 2014. Three years later, Verizon has not come close to meeting the goal. The original contract was agreed upon by the parties in order to provide New York City residents more options for receiving affordable cable television service. Continue reading “New York City Sues Verizon in Contract Dispute”

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