Small Business Owners Seek Essential Status to Remain Open

With the stay-at-home order in New York now extended to May 28 for some parts of the state, many small business owners are increasingly seeking ways to survive what will soon be an entire Spring under quarantine. While many businesses have moved to telework arrangements where possible, many other “nonessential businesses” have been forced to remain closed for the duration of the quarantine. For some businesses seeking to survive, they have come up with a novel approach: finding a way to shift to be considered an “essential” business.

The coronavirus has taken a toll on businesses across the country, with quarantines enforced to slow the spread of the disease and prevent medical facilities from being overwhelmed. These quarantines have kept so-called “nonessential” businesses shuttered and employees out of work, straining a social safety net that was not prepared to handle the tidal wave of unemployment. In the face of economic disaster, many nonessential businesses are struggling to survive, even with federal and state governments passing various forms of economic relief to aid these businesses.

This has led to some businesses, deemed nonessential and closed as a result, to reform as “essential” businesses able to function during the pandemic. Businesses that once operated out of physical stores now sell their goods online, for example, while others have shifted to more in-demand varieties of business, like grocery deliveries, to gain what income they can. Unfortunately, however, not every business has been able to make a successful transition, and some fear that if the situation does not change soon, they will not be able to open for business ever again.

The primary question most people have is when they will be able to return to their previous businesses. While many states have been relaxing their quarantines, it may be months before nonessential businesses can reopen, and that is assuming there is not a second wave of the coronavirus that will force another round of shutdowns and quarantines. Until then, though, businesses are trying to adapt to survive, regardless of whether the government considers them “essential” or not.

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