When is it Time to Get a Business Divorce?

The term “business divorce” may seem inappropriate at first glance, but anyone who has been in conflict with a business partner knows how difficult that can become. A business divorce is used to dissolve or reorganize a business when a partner, member, or co-owner in a business wants to leave and less drastic measures are not available. And just like with a regular divorce, there are signs that a business divorce might be what you need to resolve your issues in your business: Continue reading “When is it Time to Get a Business Divorce?”

Swiss President Declares Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency “Failed”

Facebook thumbs-downFacebook’s new proposed cryptocurrency, known as Libra, has faced numerous hurdles in the lead up to its launch sometime in 2020. Among those hurdles has been the inability to convince a single country’s central bank to accept Libra, making it unlikely that the cryptocurrency will be able to be used as an actual currency. This led Ueli Maurer, the President of Switzerland, to declare Libra had “failed” in its current form. Continue reading “Swiss President Declares Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency “Failed””

What is a Choice-of-Law Clause?

business across state lines Doing business across state (or even national) lines used to be relatively uncommon, but now these kinds of far-flung business transactions are an everyday occurrence. While this opens up plenty of opportunities for businesses seeking new markets and greater profits, it also brings inevitable legal complications as trade jumps across jurisdictions and brings laws from distant lands into conflict. For these sorts of disputes, there is a relatively simple workaround, however, known as the choice-of-law clause. Continue reading “What is a Choice-of-Law Clause?”

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