Divorce Mediation

Many people going through a divorce choose the sensible and amicable path of Divorce Mediation rather than expensive and acrimonious litigation. Mediation can save the parties many thousands of dollars, as opposed to litigation, and can achieve superior results, because the parties are in control.

Mediation usually works best where the incomes of both parties are fixed and unquestioned, such as W-2 income earners, where the assets of the parties are clearly known to each other, and there are no issues as to whether any of the assets are deemed to be “marital” or “separate,” and where the parties are able to agree on a parenting arrangement for the children that will be in the best interests of the children and will provide meaningful parenting time to each parent.

When these factors exist, a single skilled, experienced Divorce Mediator can guide the parties through the mediation process into a final, comprehensive divorce settlement agreement, which will thereafter be incorporated into a final judgment of Divorce, and avoid the acrimony and expense of needless litigation, which can have lifetime effects on a divorcing couple and their children.

At the law firm of Blodnick Fazio & Associates, Leslie Martin has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of matrimonial practice, and possesses the knowledge and skills to guide a couple through the mediation process to a desired and successful result. We welcome all inquiries into our Divorce Mediation program.

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