NY PAUSE Extended to May 15 by Governor Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that New York’s coronavirus quarantine measures, known more formally as the New York PAUSE (Police that Assures Uniform Safety of Everyone), will be extended until May 15. The PAUSE, which began on March 22, has heavily restricted most business operations and shut down all non-essential government functions. While it was initially intended to last only a few weeks, it has since been extended twice to deal with the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus (the disease’s name is not an indication that there have been 18 prior coronaviruses; rather, it comes from COronaVIrusDisease-2019), is the biggest public health crisis in the world right now, and almost every state in America has taken some form of measure to try to restrict the spread of the disease. This has included restrictions on public travel and business, shutting down government offices to the public, and, most recently, requirements for wearing face masks when traveling outside. While it hasn’t stopped the spread of the disease entirely, it has slowed its progress, stopping the medical system from being completely overwhelmed by the infected.

The New York PAUSE is among the most restrictive quarantine measures in the country, with many businesses closed entirely and most court proceedings postponed indefinitely. While these measures have been instituted to protect public help, it’s of little comfort to business owners and employees who have been left without a source of income for the past month. Despite some measures taken to soften the economic blow, many people are now struggling to figure out how they will survive until the PAUSE ends and normal life resumes.

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