New York Chamber of Commerce

The New York Chamber of Commerce helps small businesses and corporations by handling hundreds of phone calls, mail requests, e-mails, and business meetings. It’s formed alliances with business leaders, trade associations, sister chambers, government agencies, civic officials, and foreign dignitaries to accomplish its goals of business and community service. The Chamber also promotes networking, educational forums, and international trade events.

Calendar of seminars (free or low cost) and networking breakfasts


  • Mail Room Service
    Virtual and complete offices for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and growing companies that want a NYC office and experience on their side. Mail service at the Empire State Building Business Center starts at $55 per month.
  • Health Alliance
    Affordable health Insurance programs with low group rates for individuals, plus programs for sole proprietors and individuals.
  • Finance
    Get help with business certifications and loan applications.

Learn about the networking and business growth benefits of becoming a member.


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