New York City Small Business Services

NYC Business Small Business Services is a suite of services that help businesses start, operate and expand in New York City. Regardless of the size or stage of a business, NYC Small Business Services can help meet the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. Its services can be accessed at NYC Business Solutions Centers located in the five boroughs. Services include:

  • Business Planning to help businesses develop appropriate strategies to reach their business goals.
  • Business Courses to teach businesses business planning, computer-based bookkeeping, and marketing skills.
  • Financing to help businesses identify lenders, package loan applications, and increase their chances of receiving loans.
  • Legal Review of contracts and leases with a network of lawyers offering pro bono services.
  • Hiring to provide businesses access to a ready pool of screened job candidates.
  • Training Funds to improve the skills of entry-level employees while increasing the profitability of businesses.
  • Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise Certification to help businesses become certified and access assistance related to bidding and procurement opportunities and to technical support through SBS’ Division of Economic and Financial Opportunity.
  • Navigating Government to help businesses understand regulations and meet requirements.
  • Incentives to save businesses money as they relocate, expand or make capital improvements.

FastTrac: Free, Intensive Training Courses
FastTrac also helps entrepreneurs hone the skills needed to start, manage and grow a successful business. The City of New York has partnered with the Kauffman Foundation to provide two FREE FastTrac courses to New York City residences:

FastTrac NewVenture
Do you have a great business idea? Do you want to launch your own business? Then FastTrac NewVenture can provide you with the tools to develop and complete your business launch. FastTrac NewVenture is a six-day intensive boot camp (two full days a week over three weeks) that will teach you how to identify and reach your target market, set financial goals and build an effective team. At the end of the program you will have a fully developed business plan.

FastTrac GrowthVenture
Do you need guidance on how to sustain or grow your business in the current economic climate? Are you interested in reviewing your business model? FastTrac GrowthVenture is an eight-session classroom training held twice a week over four weeks (four hours per session) that can prepare you with the tools and support to revise your business plan.


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