You Are the Reason for Your Tenant Woes

Tough words to hear, but true. I work with landlords every day, and I see all kinds of ways they get into trouble. Some troubles come from natural disasters and others come from malicious tenants, but all of it causes much distress to landlords. Continue reading “You Are the Reason for Your Tenant Woes”

Real Estate: Dealing With Setbacks, Crisis & Other Problems

Like any other field, there is plenty of potential for error in the real estate world. Whether you are drafting problematic lender contracts, delaying action on overdue payments, or underestimating budgeted repairs, chances are you have made a mistake at some point. This is completely natural, and believe it or not, may even pave the way for personal and professional growth. Read on to learn more about the positive aspects of these setbacks, and what they mean for property owners. Continue reading “Real Estate: Dealing With Setbacks, Crisis & Other Problems”

Beware the Ides of March

Beware the ides of March. These famous words mark the day that Julius Caesar was tragically assassinated to death by his Senate. Caesar’s stabbing followed a period of unrest in ancient Rome and eventually led to Rome’s transformation from a republic to an empire. However, the ominous origins of this phrase are rooted in literature. In Shakespeare’s culturally transcendent Julius Caesar, the prophetic soothsayer warns Caesar about this day by cautioning him to “Beware the ides of March.”

Shakespeare’s words apply to the real estate world, too. At a certain point, investors, home flippers and landlords need to pause, assess, and exercise caution– and to back away from any dangerous edges. Continue reading “Beware the Ides of March”

FAST Evictions in New York

No landlord wants to evict a tenant, they would rather that the rent gets paid, the tenant complies with the lease terms, and the landlord leaves the tenant to quiet enjoyment, but sometimes landlords have no choice.

Fast Evictions: They’re All About Speed, Strategy, and Tact

It’s evicting a tenant as quickly as possible, which is what we do, but it’s also an acronym for what we believe is the absolute best way to handle evictions in New York, what does it stand for? Continue reading “FAST Evictions in New York”

Landlords, Avoid Cash Flow Disruptions

A tenant has left and your rental unit has gone dark, or worse yet multiple rental units have gone dark.  Not only does this mean no rent for that time, but then there’re the costs of getting a new tenant – making the unit “rent ready”, advertising and broker’s fees, your time – the costs can be significant.  Suddenly, what looked like a good year, financially, is now mediocre or worse.  How to prevent this? Service and Selection. Continue reading “Landlords, Avoid Cash Flow Disruptions”

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